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مراجعة binary-option-signals.com In a ceremony held at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, unhealthy six children from Brong-Ahafo, abortion Upper West, Volta, Central and Eastern Regions were officially accredited as “ here Junior Ambassadors” of Ghana.

تداول جميع الاسهم The Child Ambassadors project, organised by the African Union Diaspora African Forum (AUDAF), Plan International- Ghana, and the Embassy of Columbia, supports children from rural communities in Ghana to a two- week cultural and educational experience in Columbia.

follow url In her remarks, H.E. Ambassador Dr. Erieka Bennett, Head of Mission, AUDAF revealed that her organization deems it a great honour to be involved in this wonderful youth exchange program and citing “Ghana has millions of talented, bright young people who deserve opportunities like this”.

enter site The Child Ambassadors Project was conceptualized as a means of giving children from rural Ghana the opportunity to experience different countries and cultures. This year, the children will be hosted by the Republic of Colombia from 04th -14th October, 2014. While in Colombia the Child Ambassadors will visit both Bogota and Cartagena where they will participate in a number of activities designed to foster cultural exchange and dialogue.

يوم التداول خيار ثنائي Speaking at the swearing in ceremony, the Chief Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, speaking on behalf of the Hon. Deputy Minister emphasized the relevance of the younger generation of Ghana to the future of the country, reiterating the need for critical attention be paid to the education and grooming of future generations, particularly in this era of globalization. He recalled that the Diaspora Affairs Bureau of this Ministry hosted a delegation of young Ghanaians from the U.S and U.K on a two-week cultural and entrepreneurial trip to Ghana two weeks ago.


follow On behalf of H.E Ambassador Claudia Turbay of the Republic Columbia, Ms Carlina Gonzalez praised the positive growing relation between Ghana and the Republic of Columbia and praised Plan Ghana for supporting the Child Ambassadors Program. She stated the Child Ambassadors will be visiting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Columbia, Cultural Centres and Youth development centres to expose them to the culture and people of the beautiful country Columbia.

go The Child Ambassadors have gone through a wide spectrum of training in preparation for this trip, particularly on local Ghanaian arts and culture, Spanish, media interaction training and confidence building. They have also prepared a cultural presentation to perform while in Colombia and will participate in a football game with their peers in Cartagena.


here The swearing-in session was also attended by Mr Parker Allottey (Director, Policy Planning and Evaluation), Mr AKwasi Agyari (Chief of Protocol), Mr Solomon Korbiah (Acting Director of the Diaspora Affairs Bureau), Ambassador Debrah, all of the MFARI and Mr Prem Shukla (Country Director of Plan International-Ghana).

source site ارخص و افضل سهم في سوق الأسهم السعودي List of Child Ambassadors

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