Frimpong-Manso N.

After 24 years growing up and living in Hungary and Austria, Nicholas Frimpong-Manso moved to Ghana in 2012 from Europe to exploit economic prospects in Ghana.

Frimpong habours the desire to enhance the Ghanaian system through concepts and ideas that he learned in Europe and wishes to contribute to the employment creation and poverty reduction in the country.

He holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from the Lauder Business School Vienna, and a Master’s degree in Development Finance from the University of Ghana Business School. The Development Finance programme enabled him to deepen his understanding of current African issues and identify and analyse the challenges that Ghana is facing today. He enjoys a multicultural set up and likes to learn about the cultural habits of others. Besides English he speaks the Hungarian, German and Russian languages.

When asked of any challenges facing him since returning to Ghana (i.e. reintegration, finding a job, accommodation etc.), Nicholas alluded to the cultural clash and the challenge of having to adjust to the norms of the Ghanaian environment as a major reintegration difficulty. The impact of the challenge has, however, been lessened by the support from his family ((father, uncles, aunts and cousins) and from new friends.

The experienced hussles with starting a business became the concept of his business start-up- GP Business Associates, which offers specialized services for potential, new and existing foreign investors, businesses and organizations in the Ghanaian and West African markets.

Frimpong’s advise for potential returnees began with how Ghanaian Embassies can assist Ghanaians abroad to tap into the numerous opportunities in Ghana. The Embassies, he said, should communicate the fact that Ghana is developing fast and that there are lots of opportunities. Returning should be a viable option to pursue. They should also assist those who desire to return, in their preparation for the transition back to the Ghanaian society. He concluded by advising those considering a return to prepare for a difficult beginning, but should always stay focused and be motivated since everything would turn out to be alright.

His firm, GP Business Associates, consists of a team of professional consultants with both local and international experience. They are committed to help their clients understand the Ghanaian business environment. Their goal is to bridge the gap arising from the different business environments, be it in terms of regulations, standard requirements, and cultural sensitivities.