Ruby Saakor Tetteh

Ruby S. Tetteh is a returned Ghanaian from the diaspora.

How long have you been away from Ghana?

Two years, arthritis from August 2008 to August 2010

What is your profession?

Trade Officer at the Ministry of Trade and Industry                                                                                                                                                                                        

Did you gain any vocation/ qualification before returning to Ghana?

Yes, prostate MA Development Studies and MA Public Policy. I specialized in International Public Policy, Media and Communication and Governance

Did you learn something new that has influenced you now?

  • Yes, I gained insight into new development paradigms such as sustainable and human development
  • Also, gained expertise in the policy making process, policy analysis and the art of writing policy papers
  • Improved my research skills in the area of  sourcing both primary and secondary research data, critical analysis of research data and referencing a research piece
  • Socially I learnt how to read and use maps. Now I can make use of the map to find my way around everywhere. I no longer need assistance of persons to understand a map or from people to give me directions

What prompted you to return?

I finished my studies, so decided to return to help develop my country





Why did you travel?

To pursue Master’s degrees in Netherlands and Hungary

Have you had any challenges since returning to Ghana, i.e. reintegration, finding a job, accommodation etc.?

  • Inadequate water and electricity supply is a real challenge. I get water in my apartment only on weekends, different from the situation in Europe where water is available all the time
  • Poor customer service when buying or making transactions at the bank, post office, telephone provider etc. People offering services are so rude and disrespectful to the client
  • Inefficient transport system, as it has been very frustrating getting public means of transport at the appropriate time to get to my destination on time. Traffic is also so congested and unpredictable that I am sometimes late to my destination.

What would have made your return easier/smoother?

Well, if the poor work ethic is improved, it will enable an efficient and effective system that will positively promote the development agenda of the country

Have you received any support from your family/state/friends since your return?

  • Yes, in my first few months everything was provided to make my stay comfortable and enjoyable by my family.
  • My office also paid for all expenses related to my travel including excess baggage

Will you go back after your project?

No, I finished my studies

How do you expect the DSU to assist the Ghanaian Diaspora?

To offer relevant services i.e. assistance in business registration, clearing goods from the ports, relevant and up-to-date information on bankable projects for investment, educational or advocacy on current investment opportunities in Ghana

Any advice and suggestions for potential returnees?

Returnees ought to familiarize themselves with the current situation in Ghana before coming home. They could come for visits for a period and at least twice before finally coming home to settle down