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Sorry, discount there is no targeted offers. Follow links below for general job offers.

 Working in Ghana

As in most other countries, pharmacy the maximum hours of work per week in Ghana are 40. Generally there is a provision for overtime and at least 15 days of paid holidays have to be granted by a company each year. The country has 12 public holidays. If one falls on a weekend the day off will be transferred to the upcoming Monday.

Ghanaians usually address people by their title (e.g. doctor) and greet people by shaking hands from right to left when entering a room.

Finding a job in Ghana require adequate preparation, extensive search and patience. To avoid scams, avoid E-mails sent to you offering you jobs without an obvious reason. Companies or Recruiters who ask for money before offering jobs are mostly scams.

Public Sector Jobs:

Apart from advertised Government job offers, Public Sector Employment begins with purchasing the Public Sector Employment Forms at the Assembly Press. After filling the said forms, they must be submitted to the target Ministry, Department or Agency.

Private Sector Jobs:

The growing private sector is diversifying the labour market with very competitive employment openings. Beyond newspapers, the internet or an agency may help you out.

Some notable links to finding a job in Ghana include the under listed:



The rates of income taxes in Ghana are staggered, not progressive. There are five tax levels according to your monthly salary as an employee, or annual income if you are self-employed.

The tax rates are as follows:

0% for the first GH? 120 (monthly) / GH? 1,440 (yearly for self-employed persons)

5% for the next GH? 60 / GH? 720

10% for the next GH? 84 / GH? 1,008

17.5% for the next GH? 2,136 / GH? 25,632

25% for everything exceeding GH? 2,400 / GH? 28,800

The complicated thing is that you do not pay 25% of taxes on the whole income of, for example, GH? 2,500 monthly. Instead you pay 0% on the first GH? 120, 5% on the next GH? 60 and so on. This means you would pay an overall tax of GH? 410.20 on an income of GH? 2,500 (25% on the whole GH? 2,500 would be GH? 625, benefiting employees).