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Kwame Sefa-Boatchie

December 26, 2012 • 0 Comments

Kwame Sefa-Boatchie

How long have you been away from Ghana?

4 years

What is your profession? Profession, if qualified.

A factory worker.

Did you gain any vocation qualification before returning to Ghana?


Which country did you return from?

United Kingdom

What prompted you to return?

I over stayed my visa requirement and got caught up with law and then was returned back home. I got assistance from IOM’s AVR Scheme.

Have you had any challenges since returning back, i.e. reintegration, finding a job, accommodation etc.?

Upon my return I got some financial help through the IOM’s AVR programme. I used wisely by investing the money a furnishing business. Through hard work and with some support from my wife I we have acquired another shop. So as at now, we are operating two furnishing shops. I do travel to China and Dubai to buy some of my stock, so yes, I am very happy with life back here. When I arrived, I had some challenges with finding decent accommodation, but I rented a room to start off with and with time my wife and I have been able to build our home.

Any advice and suggestions for potential returnees?

I will encourage all Ghanaians, who are in abroad to return and not to have the fear of coming back home, because they have not “made it” yet, therefore, they cannot take the initiative of coming. My story really illustrate, if one is determined, everything is possible. My life back in the UK was nothing to write home about, but since I have return, I am managing and happy with the little I have. My other advice for anyone who wishes to return to Ghana is, one to invest in a viable business and to get a local partner who has the “local know how”. I was lucky enough to find that persone, in my wife. Which I will say, she has been of great support in all aspect of my life and also for those returning to have be patient as it will take time before adjusting.

What would have made your return easier/smoother?

I wish I had a bit more money. Either than that, I am fine with how I have managed so far.